I moved to WWW.SabrinaCarapia.Com

Hi Guys! Thank you all that subscribed to my blog, and this platform! I just want to let you know that I have moved to --->>> http://www.SabrinaCarapia.com   There you can find my new posts and follow me too! Cheers!! โค Sabrina C


Life Goals, Relationship and Self Love

Have you noticed how you feelย  when you are in love, like you can conquer the world?

Physical Exhaustion and Emotion Distress

This weekend I suffered physical exhaustion and that lead to an emotional breakdown. It was quite interesting to see IT happening and me trying to pull myself out of that down, and avoid creating any problem in my life. So here is the scenario ... so you can have a clear picture of what happened. … Continue reading Physical Exhaustion and Emotion Distress