Airbnb Project – 1 Bedroom only

So, this is pure sweet/sweat equity. So, on the labor breakdown I added for purpose of how much it would cost me, but because I did everything – yep, even installing the fan 😉 – I saved money on labor, which could have been more than I calculated. But the results came back really good.

In progress Project Photos (click on the photo to see it bigger):

Here is a breakdown of cost.

September – Cost
Store Name Material Cost (Renovation)
Wallmart Paint Material and Room Items  $62.70
Homedepot Paint  $65.65
Homedepot Fan and Lighting and paint  $153.36
Wallmart Additional Paint material  $6.57
Store Name Room Item Purchased
BestBuy Amazon Fire Stick TV  $42.39
Target Coffee and Supplies  $53.67
Target Coffee maker and Décor Items  $184.33
Labor ($20/ hour)
8/19/17 8hr  $160.00
8/25/17 6hr  $120.00
9/1/17 8hr  $160.00
9/2/17 2hr  $40.00
Materials Total  $568.67
Labor  $480.00
Total Investment  ($1,048.67)


Photos of the final project (Click on the photo to see it bigger) :

Here is my first earnings for October, 2017 🙂










Now that I tested the theory, you can try it for yourself (share if you do, would love to hear it) and see how it goes. It sure is fun, and gets your feeling very accomplished at the end! If you have questions let me know.

Sabrina C.

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